What to Pack for Seattle Temporary Housing

What to bring for your long-term stay in Seattle depends significantly on two factors: the time of year, and what your temporary housing provider includes in their packages.

Seattle rain

Clothing and Gear

In fall and winter, you’ll want several options for outerwear and lots of rain-appropriate gear. Invest in rain boots or other waterproof footwear. We don’t let wet weather slow us down, so you’ll want all-weather performance clothing so you don’t miss out.

The Northwest has tons of winter-weather outdoor activities, so if you’re interested in skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, ice skating, or the like, bring your supplies along. In just a few hours, you can be out of the city and into a winter wonderland.

Summer weather in Seattle is getting longer and hotter each year, so plan appropriately. Air conditioning is quite uncommon in the area, so chances are, your temporary housing won’t offer AC. Ask your housing company if they provide fans, or plan to bring one yourself.

The rain disappears in summer, so you won’t need galoshes. With temperatures reaching the 80s and 90s in recent years, you will want your summer clothes. Weather in the higher elevations stays cool, though. If you plan to do any hiking at Mt. Rainier or other local peaks, you’ll want light jackets and sturdy hiking shoes.

In general, Seattle fashion is laid-back and practical. You will need to dress appropriately for work, but here, suits and ties are required only in a few professional industries. Ask your coworkers or recruiter for guidance, but generally expect the dress code to lean more casual than you may be accustomed to.

Seattle temporary housing furnished kitchen

Household Goods

What you’ll need to feel comfortable in your home depends a lot on what is included in your temporary housing. Some companies provide just the essentials, limited to furniture and basic kitchen items. At Jet City, we provide everything you need aside from your personal items. For us, that means a full kitchen setup with small appliances like a tea kettle and coffee pot, right down to food storage containers and a pizza cutter. 

Be sure to specify if you will need to provide linens, or if your housing company will provide sheets and towels. Who provides a laundry basket and hangers? If you rent from us, we do! This isn’t always standard, however, so be sure to check. 

If there are any must-have items for you to feel at home, ask about these specifically or pack them, just in case. Speciality items like french press coffee machines and body pillows will not come standard, and may not be possible for your company to source in time. To avoid disappointment, be up front with your needs and be open to paying a bit more for something that doesn’t come standard.

bathroom personal care items

Personal Items

Personal care items are, well…personal, and will never be included standard in temporary housing furnishings. Soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, and other hygiene products are the responsibility of each renter to provide.

Additionally, furnished temporary housing providers typically don’t include cleaning supplies with their rentals, though you will get brooms, mops, and vacuums as necessary. Plan to stock up on dish soap, multipurpose cleaning spray, and toilet bowl cleaner, unless you opt for a rental package that includes cleaning.

The ideal temporary housing arrangement includes the full line of furnishings, so you could step off a plane with just a suitcase and immediately feel at home. You may prefer to bring some other items with you, of course, but the idea is that you won’t NEED to in order to be comfortable. 

Ask questions, plan ahead, and check the weather! Happy packing.

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