What to do at Lake Union Park

Lake Union Park

Parking at Lake Union Park

Lake Union Park parking

There are 2 parking areas at Lake Union Park. There is paid parking off Valley St near the entrance to the Center for Wooden Boats. You will cross the streetcar tracks at the SLU / Terry Ave stop in order to access the parking.

The other spot is a bit further north off Westlake Ave. Both give easy access to the park, but the bridge that is the fastest way to connect the Westlake Ave parking with the main part of the park is currently closed for renovations, and isn’t set to open until later in 2016.

What to do at Lake Union Park

Lake Union Park offers beautiful views of the lake, so your main attraction is going to be hanging out by the water. After work, grab some friends and some snacks for a happy hour on the water while you watch seaplanes take off and land.

Stay active on the grassy areas with a frisbee, soccer ball, or set up croquet. 

Engage your brain and stop by the Bezos Center for Innovation at the Museum of History and Industry, or stroll over to the Center for Wooden Boats.

See more of the park by walking, biking, or jogging a portion of the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop trail, which winds around the lake and which you can pick up from either parking area.

Take the plunge at the small beach at the southwestern end of the park. 

Use this park as a launch point for kayaks or stand up paddle boarding.

In the summer, enjoy the water feature with kids, who will love running through the fountains that spray from the sidewalks.

When to go

This park is all about the views, so visit when the skies are clear. Use it anytime as a jumping off point for the Cheshiahud Lake Union loop.

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