How to Use Relocation Packages to Stay Competitive in Seattle Tech Hiring

The Seattle technology market is hotter than ever. Demand for jobs is strong, but as with all the major technology hubs, finding and keeping good talent is harder than ever. With Amazon recruiting thousands of new employees each month, smaller tech companies in the Seattle area will have to change their game to stay competitive. With all […]


Finding a Short Term Furnished Apartment Rental in Seattle

Managing a temporary move to Seattle is a daunting task. Whether you’re coming for an extended work trip, a contract as a travel nurse, an internship, or even a permanent relocation, you have so many things to focus on. Work wants you to jump right in. You’re interested in exploring your new city and making […]


What to Expect When you Move to Seattle

What to expect when you move to Seattle Seattle. The Emerald City. The Jet City (our personal favorite). I’ve lived in 8 cities in the last 15 years, and Seattle isn’t quite like any of them. It’s a heady mix of progress, history, breathtaking natural beauty, soul-crushing gloomy weather, and pleasant livability that just feels…right. So […]


The Ultimate Guide to Seattle Summer Intern Housing

When to Look You may be anxious to find Seattle summer intern housing as soon as you accept your offer, but hold tight. Most corporate housing companies and apartment complexes don’t know their availability until 20-45 days before a vacancy. Current tenants are only required to give 20 days notice in most buildings, so unless […]


Moving to Seattle with Kids

Moving to Seattle with kids is daunting but doable. Seattle is a great city for families, with vibrant community and parenting groups, an excellent park system, and tons of safe, enjoyable neighborhoods. Moving is always stressful, though, and with a bit of preparation, you can help your family make the transition as smoothly as possible. […]