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Managing a temporary move to Seattle is a daunting task. Whether you’re coming for an extended work trip, a contract as a travel nurse, an internship, or even a permanent relocation, you have so many things to focus on. Work wants you to jump right in. You’re interested in exploring your new city and making the most of your time in the area. You want to feel like you can unpack your bags and be at home, but how do you find the right short term furnished apartment?

Short Term Rental Options

You’ve got several options for temporary housing in Seattle. Some apartment complexes offer short term leases of 3 or 6 months. This gives you ultimate control in where you live, but it puts more work on you to furnish the unit, set up and manage bills like utilities and internet, and provide proof of renter’s insurance.

If you don’t want to go to the work of setting up your own apartment for such a short time, you could book a stay at an extended stay hotel or apartment building in the area. There are several in Seattle that allow you to book by the week or month. With this option, you don’t worry about furnishings, and in many cases, you will save money by booking a very small room. Your room may not have a full kitchen, but the real concern with such buildings is the community. Because people view this as a short term living arrangement, they are less concerned about their neighbors and complaints about noise and disrespectful behavior can be high.

Finally, you can book a furnished apartment rental. This can be done legally, through a company, or illegally, through an illegal sublet. You will save money by illegally subletting, but you will be putting yourself and the person you are renting from at risk of eviction. You want to be living in a building with an excellent management team, one who knows the residents and keeps track of what is happening in the building. Any such management team will realize a subletting situation, and you may be forced to find new housing in the middle of your stay.

Another consideration with an illegal sublet is that your belongings and activity will not be covered under their renter’s insurance. You can take out your own policy, or take the risk of not being covered. It is possible that you will have trouble getting a policy without proof of a signed lease, so you may be left in a difficult spot.

Why Choose a Short Term Furnished Apartment

Now that you understand the options, why do we feel that a legal short term furnished rental is the best option? Aside from the reasons above, you get peace of mind of working with a company, not an individual. You aren’t taking a leap of faith and renting from a person whose unit may or may not be able to be rented to you, or who may have doctored photos in their listing.

A reputable company will have documentation on their business status and reviews on local websites. They will be able to guide you to the right neighborhood and building, based on your needs and preferences. The right company will provide follow up support and be responsive to your needs throughout your rental period.

What to Consider When Choosing a Rental

Finding the perfect place for your stay takes some advance planning. Think about your needs and decide what is most important to you.

Do you care most about being close to work? Is convenience most important, so you need to be steps from a grocery store and public transit? Will you need parking, and will you bring any pets? 

Look for a building with secured access, requiring a key fob to enter. Parking should be secure as well. Check reviews of apartment buildings online, but be realistic. 3 stars or above is a good rating for an apartment building. Renters typically don’t leave reviews, and when they do, it is to highlight a negative experience. Even fantastic buildings have low ratings because of these dynamics.

How to Budget

When researching furnished apartment rental companies, make sure you know what the prices include. Most companies will include utilities and furnishings, but do their packages include internet? Do they include insurance? How are the deposits handled? 

Look for a relationship that is completely open; companies shouldn’t have anything to hide with regards to their pricing. If they can’t or won’t explain it, keep looking.

The moving process is both exciting and stressful. Choosing the right short term furnished apartment can take away most of the logistical hassles and let you focus on the fun parts of living in a new city. Plan ahead, explore your options, and ultimately, you’ll end up with a great living situation in Seattle. Welcome to the Jet City!

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