6 Questions When Choosing Seattle Travel Nurse Housing

If you’re coming to Seattle and choose to take a stipend instead of travel nurse housing provided by your employer, you gain flexibility to live the way you want. But it does come at a price – the price of your time to find the right place, and some worry of whether you can trust […]


Having it All No Longer Means Owning it All

Alternate title: Why Short Term Housing is the Future of Renting There’s a movement happening, to own less, without having less. We see it as the sharing economy becomes indispensable to our lives, reducing the need to own tools, equipment, and even vehicles. We see it as media and content move almost online, as highlighted […]


What to Pack for Seattle Temporary Housing

What to bring for your long-term stay in Seattle depends significantly on two factors: the time of year, and what your temporary housing provider includes in their packages. Clothing and Gear In fall and winter, you’ll want several options for outerwear and lots of rain-appropriate gear. Invest in rain boots or other waterproof footwear. We […]